Top 10 Highest Paying Government Jobs

Maybe not surprisingly the biggest proportion of the top paid feds are  Doctors, Lawyers and Dentists. Here is the Top Ten Federal Jobs that have the highest number of government employees with the highest rate of pay. For the purpose of this example the list below does not include such federal agencies as the FBE, CIA, Federal Judiceral System and The White House ( Jobs Under these categories will certainly fall into the highest paid ).

1      Medical officer or doctor  ( within the Veterans Health Agency Commission )

2      General attorneys   ( securities exchange commission SEC )

3     Medical officer or doctor  ( within the NIH National Institute of Health )

4     Medical officer or doctor  ( within the FDA Food and Drug Administration )

5     Dental Officer   ( within the VA Veterans Health Administration )

6     Medical Officer or doctor   ( Indian Health Service )

7     Financial institution examining   ( Office of the Controler of Currency )

8     General  attorney    ( FDIC  Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation )

9     Acoountant   ( FDIC )

10     Medical officer or doctor   ( US Army Medical Command )



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