How To Get A Federal Job – Preperation

Preperation is important when applying for any job, when applying for a federal job you want to be fully prepared, how are you going to get a federal job if you are not prepared. Make sure you have all the supporting documentation when you apply for the federal job and especially when you go for the job interview. You should have a full Resume which must include all your previous job experience even if it not related to the federal job you want to apply for. A full history of your scooling, qualifications, previous jobs, duties and responsibilities and anything else you may have accomplished. The more information the better so don’t miss anything out that you think of. The form SF 171 (which you can download at ¬†will give you all the information you need and help you better know what is expected and how the federal government reviews applications according to their point scoring method. By looking at all the questions and information asked in this form you will see exactly how to get a federal job. If you can. For the purpose of the application you should try to be as flexible as possible regarding the number of hours etc you are willing to work.


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