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Federal Bureau Of Investigation – FBI Jobs

If you have ever considered trying to get a job in the FBI there are some additional requirements to other federal jobs. The FBI has an excellent track record and in renound world wide for the success and distiction above other investigation agencies around the globe.

As with other federal jobs there are many types of jobs within the FBI, we will mention a few of them shortly but one thing that must be clear if you intend to apply for any kind of FBI job you must for obvious reasons have a clean criminal record and also you must be physically fit for many positions. You would be automatically disqualified from being suitable for an job with the FBI if any of the following apply to you:

have any convictions of felony

use any illegal drugs

defaulted on any student loan insured by the government or if you are a male who failed to register with the selective service system.

Some examples of jobs within the FBI include, special agent for which you wouldneed to pass a test required as mandatory for all agents and will include a physical fitness test, eye sight and hearing tests and a complete medical examination and any previous medical conditions will be taken into account.More details of exactly what is expected from you fitness wise can found at https://www.fbijobs.gov/1113.asp.
A special agent would begin his or her career as an intern. As well as special agents there are vary many other highly respected professional staff within the FBI, a few examples are in Linguistics ( a linguist plays a very important role in translating reports, documents and transcripts in cases of international security etc ), Engineering and technology, business management, Surveillance and investigation and the more tactical departments like the FBI police and the Hostage Negotiation Team to name just a few of the positions.

In mid 2009 the FBI was employing nearly 34,000 individuals. That total included more than 13,000 special agents, and over 19,000 other professionals in the fields mentioned above. The latest figures are much higher.

The following outlines how to apply for a job within the FBI.
You can set up an account for free on the USAJOBS website at http://help.usajobs.gov/index.php/Main_Page
Once you have your account you can create your full resume and upload it, look for job vacancies which will be announced on the website and pay close attention to the details of how to apply. You will need to ensure you supply all documents asked for. After completion you will be able to track you application process from the website.