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Success With Your Federal Job Interview

Trying to find a federal job and indeed looking for any job can be hard work, when you manage to secure the job you want there is a great feeling of satisfaction, but if you have been going to many interviews but are not having any success at getting the job placement then it can become frustrating and your self [...]

127,000 New Federal Workers Needed

Latest unemployment numbers for the nation as a whole do not give much hope for the future. Latest figures say 1 in 10 people are out of work in the unemployment queue and the chances of finding and being succesful in applying for a good job are actually very poor. However there is some good [...]

Job Hunting Advice

Job Hunting Tips Are you a fresh graduate and planning to look for a job? Did you just recently quit your job and are looking for greener pastures? Are you unemployed and have little experience regarding ways to secure a job? Whatever your situation may be, it would be to your advantage to study the [...]

How to find a federal job

To find a federal job can be very frustrating for those who are unfamiliar with the process. The reason being, federal government do everything differently in the process of recruitment as compared to the private sector. However, there are reasons for the government to work like this. First, the government is big and covers all [...]

How To Get A Federal Government Job

How to get a federal job with your experience Did you know that the government offers federal jobs in just about every field. Its not just about high profile agencies like the FBI or CIA. So if you thought you would need a degree in Law or Political Science just to get a federal job [...]

Looking for a federal job

Whatever your previous work experience might be, it is likely that there is a government position which will closely match the experience you already have. So when looking for a federal job take a look at the various types of federal jobs and the different categories available. Then when you find a federal job vacancy that [...]

How To Get A Federal Job – Preperation

Preperation is important when applying for any job, when applying for a federal job you want to be fully prepared, how are you going to get a federal job if you are not prepared. Make sure you have all the supporting documentation when you apply for the federal job and especially when you go for [...]

Getting a Federal Job

If you want to know how to get a federal job, one thing that will make it easier when applying for any federal or government job is experience of any kind. This could even be in the form of unpaid volunteer work, in fact experience in the federal job you are applying for from volunteer [...]