Success With Your Federal Job Interview

Trying to find a federal job and indeed looking for any job can be hard work, when you manage to secure the job you want there is a great feeling of satisfaction, but if you have been going to many interviews but are not having any success at getting the job placement then it can become frustrating and your self confidence might also take a dive.

A Successful Job Interview

Your chances of going through a job interview and coming out the other side with a new job can be greatly increased if you prepare well, present yourself well and come across more confident.
If you want to get an interview technique that will seriously increase your chances of getting the federal job you want or any other job , then follow these great tips:

Before your interview make sure you curriculum vitae is up to date and includes everything needed ( previous employment, qualifications, skills, contacts and referees or references, as well as your personal details ).

Do your research and find out what the job you are applying for entails and know some facts about the company and especially details about the exact post you are applying to. You can readily prepare for some questions that your interviewers are likely to ask such as “what are your career objectives”… “what do you want from your employment in the long term”. etc. If you have had many previous jobs another question you can be sure you will be asked is why you left your previous employment, so make sure you have a valid reasonable answer. Also prepare a few questions you want to ask your interviewers, when they say “is there anything you would like to ask us” to have a few questions here such as why the job has become available will go in your favour.

Always dress well for the interview, first impressions last.

Arrive early and be prepared to wait, never arrive late as this will surely prove you are not taking the opportunity seriously.

Try to speak clearly and with confidence and offer a firm handshake.

When the interview ends you can politely ask when they are likely to let you know if you were successful or not and say “thank-you for your time”.
If you follow the above steps when you attend your federal job int

127,000 New Federal Workers Needed

Latest unemployment numbers for the nation as a whole do not give much hope for the future. Latest figures say 1 in 10 people are out of work in the unemployment queue and the chances of finding and being succesful in applying for a good job are actually very poor. However there is some good news.. there is one sector in particular that is taking on new employees and needs trustworthy hardworking people like you.Most parts of the private sector are going down. Not many companies are looking to expand their employee workforce in the fore seeable future. There are numerous reasons why companies do not want to expand their workforce during these times of recession. One of the problems is the complete uncertainty as to what the future holds for small private businesses.The good news already mentioned is that one sector is expanding rapidly and wanting to grow the workforce substantially, that is the government sector. From what we can tell this growth is going to continue for some time to come due to the many new programs that are being implemented.It was recently reported in The Washington Post that 270,000 new workers would be required just in the next two or three years.This is probably a conservative estimate too because some other reports available publicly put the estimate closer to 600,000. So which ever way you look at it, there are going to be huge opportunities in Federal Government jobs. If you are looking for a job or even a job change then you really need to find out how to get a federal job.Comparing saleries for federal jobs and jobs within the private sector budinesses you will see that federal jobs pay much higher rates. Job security and benifits are also much better withing the Federal Job Sector so you should be considereing getting a federal job.

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Job Hunting Advice

Job Hunting Tips

Are you a fresh graduate and planning to look for a job? Did you just recently quit your job and are looking for greener pastures? Are you unemployed and have little experience regarding ways to secure a job? Whatever your situation may be, it would be to your advantage to study the following tips:

Check your resume for mistakes

Before submitting your resume to a prospective employer, check your resume for corrections at least three times before handing it over. After researching about the job position, it is critical that you format your resume to match the needs of the company. For example, if you are applying for an accounting job, you should put in detail your accounting experience on your resume. Typographical and grammatical errors are serious no-no’s. It is also ideal to keep the length of the resume’ to at least a page and a half long.

Taking the interview challenge

A survey conducted by a staffing and consulting firm based in California which corresponded with 1,400 chief financial officers concluded that candidates for employment made most of their mistakes on their interviews. Some of the mistakes they made include: arriving late, having little knowledge about the company and the position applied for, and having a superiority complex and behaving arrogantly. The body language of the applicant must also denote that he is confident yet not overpowering. He must maintain eye contact, have a strong handshake, and avoid looking defensive by the act of crossing the arms. Wearing the right clothes is crucial for projecting a confident stance. As they say, it is better to go to an interview over-dressed than being under-dressed.

Answer questions smartly

A common mistake of interviewees is that they tend to get tense and forget the questions that are given to them, which has the effect that they are not prepared for the interview. It is important to research about the company and the position applied for to prevent being side-tracked during the interview. If you do not know the answer to the questions being asked, it is better to admit you don’t know the answer to the question and add that you can research about it. Look for the skills or expertise that the company is looking for so that when interview day comes and the interviewer asks about your strengths and core competencies, you will be able to match it to what they need.

Getting the necessary referrals

Having a referral from one of the company employees can go a long way toward landing an interview. A typical company may receive job applications in the hundreds and usually 35% to 60% of all job vacancies are filled by referrals. The odds of getting hired when you have a referral are very high if you have another 200 to 500 applicants vying for the same position. If you do not know anyone from the company that may give you a referral, it is a good idea to the alumni network of your college, trade groups, social networks, and professional associations. Remember, having a referral greatly increases your chances of getting the position.

On online application

With the current trend of technology and its merging with business processes, more and more companies are now requiring prospective applicants to submit their application online. Thus, first impressions are relayed not by your first appearance but by the quality and content of your e-mail. E-mails regarding job application should be polished and well-articulated. When applying on-line, use the following tips:

Complete your sentences and do not abbreviate.

Employers do not like when you send them application letters that seem to be too casual. It is important to make a letter that is both formal and well written. This gives a good impression regarding your capabilities and skills.

Get directly to the point

When writing an application letter, you must be concise and straightforward. Do not put a story on the letter just to get the attention of the employer, chances are he or she will just get irritated with you and this only reduces your chances of getting hired.

Consider potential issues that may hinder you from getting the job

Although there are instances wherein there is a lot of need for a job but the requirements for the position may entail training programs that may bar you from getting the position due to its highly competitive nature. Some require a lot of experian even at least 3 years of work experience. Some may have no barriers to entry but the job itself may entail a very routine work flow.

Getting the job you want may be a challenge but never lose hope. It is better to wait a while and get the job that you will enjoy rather than get a job as soon as possible but ending up dissatisfied and unhappy. Make the right decision then act on it.

How to find a federal job

To find a federal job can be very frustrating for those who are unfamiliar with the process. The reason being, federal government do everything differently in the process of recruitment as compared to the private sector. However, there are reasons for the government to work like this. First, the government is big and covers all employment categories. Theo other reason is that the government would like a fair recruitment process to be done across all the areas. This is to make its entire people find a federal job according to their qualification and their area of residence. To find a federal job, the first thing that should be done is determine if governments have a vacant position matching your qualification. You will be surprised to find that the government has almost every occupation category to match almost everybody. Therefore, to find a federal job, familiarize yourself with occupational groups or series to establish the category that favors your experience. The professional groups are GS series while occupation groups for “blue collar” jobs are under WG series. Each occupation group is broken down into different job titles to cater for specific qualifications. After getting this information, one will choose the category that suits him/her. After deciding on several job titles, one is required to obtain a copy of official federal job announcement for the positions that one is interested in. It is important to note that government categorize job different from private industries. Therefore, actual job announcements should be read to determine what job entails your qualification. Finding a federal job require a thorough preparation especially in terms of documentation. This is to ensure that you convince the person receiving your federal resumes as they do not know your professional background. To ensure that you secure the highest score possible, the resume should contain all your education background, training, special skill, duties and responsibilities and accomplishments for as long as possibly can remember. Let all your career experience be documented as it will help. After all, the more the experience, the more desirable one is for any federal job. It is very important to prepare extensively through a federal resume. This will help one to understand how federal resumes are evaluated thus increasing chances for one to find a federal job. A good example is the resume and SF-171 which are reviews for level of education, experience and training. According to federal government standards, job descriptions are compared against numbers of key words. Therefore, every time a key word is mentioned, the applicant is legible of a single point multiplied by the number of years that that skills have been in use. This will be evaluated to offer the person with the highest point a federal job. Therefore, this provides the importance of a comprehensive resume. It is important to note as you find a federal job that federal government views paid and non-paid experience in a similar light. Therefore, if one is having a volunteer experience in an area that has made him or her develop a certain skill, let it be presented the same way paid experience is presented. Remember, if you fail to offer a certain skills to the government, you will not get a credit for it. This therefore calls for a through preparation as possible. It is very important to be updated on current openings as you find a federal job. This calls for a research and constant application for all jobs that one is qualified for. The earlier you get the job announced, the higher your chances of getting employed. The reason is, most of these chances may have passed through long bureaucratic process and before they are announced to the public, very few days will be remaining and thus few applicants. This increases ones chance to find a federal job. Finally, one should fill in the required application form answering all KSA and sending it to the necessary department. Make sure that announcement number, job title for which one is applying as well as any other necessary information required is availed. Apply in as many positions in other departments as possible and do not get discouraged. Federal government may take a long time to process applications but this should not discourage you. Therefore keep applying and still waiting and eventually you will find a federal job.

How To Get A Federal Government Job

How to get a federal job with your experience

Did you know that the government offers federal jobs in just about every field. Its not just about high profile agencies like the FBI or CIA. So if you thought you would need a degree in Law or Political Science just to get a federal job then you are wrong. The partnership of public service estimates close to 200,000 critical federal jobs will be available for application in 2012. As well as Medical technicians, nurses, pharmacists and physicians, Law attorneys and legal representatives and legal administration including custom officers, passport and border control etc, there will also be federal jobs including transportation officers, park ranger, foreign affairs, security admin and managers and analysts. These are just some of the categories which have tens of thousands of positions becoming available so if you want to know how to get a federal job in any of these sectors then you should have no problem looking for a job opening. Of course then there are thousands of other jobs which we have not included in this example. Whatever you experience and level of expertise there are federal jobs to which you can apply for and have a good chance of being successful in your federal job application. To learn more about how to get a federal job check the pages and links you will find on this website for more information.

Looking for a federal job

Whatever your previous work experience might be, it is likely that there is a government position which will closely match the experience you already have. So when looking for a federal job take a look at the various types of federal jobs and the different categories available. Then when you find a federal job vacancy that matches your experience and qualifications you stand a good chance at being successful in applying for that job. When you know which job category that may suit you, look a little further into the various job titles that fall into those categories and you will have a wider choice of federal jobs to choose from. Make sure to read all announcements of job opportunities and get hold of the an official federal job openings announcement which can be obtained from your local agency which will make looking for a federal job that much easier for you.



How To Get A Federal Job – Preperation

Preperation is important when applying for any job, when applying for a federal job you want to be fully prepared, how are you going to get a federal job if you are not prepared. Make sure you have all the supporting documentation when you apply for the federal job and especially when you go for the job interview. You should have a full Resume which must include all your previous job experience even if it not related to the federal job you want to apply for. A full history of your scooling, qualifications, previous jobs, duties and responsibilities and anything else you may have accomplished. The more information the better so don’t miss anything out that you think of. The form SF 171 (which you can download at  will give you all the information you need and help you better know what is expected and how the federal government reviews applications according to their point scoring method. By looking at all the questions and information asked in this form you will see exactly how to get a federal job. If you can. For the purpose of the application you should try to be as flexible as possible regarding the number of hours etc you are willing to work.


Getting a Federal Job

If you want to know how to get a federal job, one thing that will make it easier when applying for any federal or government job is experience of any kind. This could even be in the form of unpaid volunteer work, in fact experience in the federal job you are applying for from volunteer work is likely to be very helpful to you in securing that job. If you are up against potential candidates that have no experience you will have an advantage and also if you are up against people with similar experience only your experience was gained by doing volunteer work then this likely to be looked on very favourably as you already have shown a keen interest and motivation in the type of federal job you are applying for. So when trying to get a federal job it is always a good idea to take any opportunities along the way to gain job experience.